Happy February!

Happy Valentines Day from CCD!  I hope you are well.  I have been trying to get used to a quieter and slower pace of life… Sometimes it is wonderful and sometimes it is overwhelming to make good decisions with my time.  But I am trusting God to bring me the right things.  So far, I have gotten to do two custom orders, and I am going to start meeting with a young adult from our church (my favorite thing!).   This month I hope to start some prints and I’m working on an idea for you…my newsletter friends.  So stay tunned!!!  Love, Cary

Happy February!

This seems like a timely message in our crazy world today.  It’s amazing to me that God chooses to involve us in His ways.  This verse tells me that the most powerful thing I have to offer people is love…not knowledge, wisdom, or abilities.  Nick and I have an older couple in our lives that love us this way.  They listen us, accept us, cheer us on and point us to Jesus.  We have never felt like a project to them.  We know more of who God is because of their interaction with us.  This is how I want to love others. May we have eyes and hearts open to love others!

Just for you…

These pads would make a great Valentine’s Day happy for someone you love!  Enjoy 25% off your entire order from now until February 14th.  Use coupon code LOVE at check out.  Please include time for shipping for Valentine gifts.
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Meet my Love…

This is my favorite person on the planet, Nick Collins.  We have been married 19 years.  He is my best friend.  He has lots of great qualities, but my favorite things is that he makes me laugh out loud every single day!  I love being partners with him at home and in life.

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