Happy March!

Can you believe it is March?!?  Man, the time if flying!  I hope this newsletter finds you well and anticipating Spring!  I have several fun things coming up in my schedule… a girl’s trip with my friends, a spring break tip with my daughter, a women’s conference in Branson, and a Young Life Family weekend…all before May.  AND my hubby and I got away last weekend!!  I am very motivated by fun on my calendar, so I am grateful and even feeling a little spoiled!!!  Hopefully I will get some work done in between my fun!  We’ll see… I do have some ideas in the works!  Love, Cary

Happy March!

A sweet friend from church gave me this verse as I was drawing calendars last year.  It has come at the perfect time for me, as I have been thinking a lot about where I place my identity.  I am so often “finding my being” in other things…like my family, my friendships, my job, my ability to “hold it all together” (haha!). I am learning that when I find and rest in my identity in Christ, I am free to be the best me in all these areas.  Only in Christ, I am free to give without expectation and am I free to be authentic.  May we live and move and find our being in Him today!!

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Meet my peeps!

These are my kiddos…Josie, Carter, and Lindsay.  They are all about to have birthdays and will be 17,14, and 11.  The older they get, the more I love being a mom.  They are fun to be with and I’m loving watching them navigate life!

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