This is not my story.  It is God’s story.

First, some facts about me… I live in Little Rock, AR.  I am married to my love, Nick (or “Nicky” as I call him).  We have three great kids…Josie-18, Carter-15, and Lindsay-12.  We are busy, but I am loving teenagers!!  I have always loved art.  I drew instead of playing with dolls and I was the girl whose school notes were covered in doodles.  Cary Collins Designs began 20 years ago when I made my first calendar.  That calendar was inspired by a whimsical calendar my mom was buying me each year at the time and some scripture art I was doing for gifts.  My Mom had the brilliant idea of combining the two!  She always has the best ideas!!  The first year, I probably sold less than 50, but enough to make me do it again the next year.

And that begins the God story… Each year God has been faithful to grow Cary Collins Designs.  He has always shown me the next, right step.  He has given me inspiration, ideas, and talent.  He has used it to let me stay home with my kids.  He has used it to financially provide for us.  He has used it to grow me- to magnify both my strengths and weaknesses.  He has caused the calendar to find favor in so many of your eyes that you come back year after year to get your refills.  I call that a “God Racket”!  He has grown Cary Collins Designs far beyond anything I could have dreamed!

I fully believe that the success of my business lies on the power of God’s Word.  Sure, my designs are bright and happy, but it is His Word that keeps you coming back each year.  I made a commitment in the beginning to use my talent for God’s glory.  I will always produce art centered on His Word.  Isaiah 55:11 states, “So will my Word be which goes froth from My mouth; It will not return to me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”   I want to be an agent for God’s Word to go forth!

The purpose of Cary Collins Designs is to draw women to God’s Word through original art.  It is my hope and prayer that my artwork will encourage you, however big or small, to follow hard after our God.  To Him be the glory!!

I would love to hear from you.  Please continue to send me stories of how God is at work through Cary Collins Designs…nothing encourages me more!!!

Love, Cary